Sunday, October 2, 2011

This sign hangs in my studio. I scrawled this in sharpie on a piece of photocopy paper on a day when I was struggling with my thesis paper  for graduate studies that I was conducting at University of Toronto. It’s a reminder of priorities.
Like many of you reading this blog I take on a lot of roles and responsibilities in this life. An active studio practice, regular exhibitions, teaching 2 days a week at University, a partner who is also an artist, a teenage daughter who is an aspiring writer and filmmaker, regular travel.
At this moment in 2011 surely there are few activities more anachronistic than “the daubing upon woven fabric with coloured mud” as Victor Burgin most brutally and eloquently put it in the early 1990’s.
This blog will be another version of the scrawled sign, a goad, a place to share some of the realizations I have made about and through painting.
My reality is this: if I am being true to my nature, then painting, for better or worse, is what I am here to do.
So, always paint first.
And everything else will follow.
Coming next: why I am obsessed with wax.

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